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Sustainability: How Rewardsco is Making a Positive Impact!

As companies continue to prioritise sustainability, it is important to consider the impact that outsourcing can have on the environment. At Rewardsco, we believe that it is our responsibility to minimise our carbon footprint and make a positive impact not just on South Africa, but on the planet. This is why we’ve made sustainability a key part of our business strategy, incorporating practices like the use of grey water and solar energy, along with green spaces for our people to relish our tropical sunshine and fresh air.

Thanks to our sustainability efforts from the beginning of the design and construction on the Rewardsco campus, we received a 5-Star Design and “As-Built” certification from the Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA), an internationally recognised accreditation that is a trusted mark of quality for the design, construction and operation of buildings. We have also earned a 100% rating within the Green Star Water category.

One of the ways we reduce water consumption on our 20 000 sqm campus is by using grey water for irrigation and sanitation. Grey water is stormwater and runoff from rainfall that has been treated to remove contaminants. Instead of letting this water go to waste, it is stored in attenuation ponds linked to each buildings’ plumbing system. This stormwater is used to flush toilets and urinals, irrigate the landscaping, and acts as a cooling system. This system not only reduces our overall water usage but also helps to keep our surroundings green and lush.

Another sustainable practice that we have implemented is the use of smart energy solutions. Our offices are equipped with energy-saving LED lighting panels that significantly reduces the energy we use. Combined with our use of motion-sensing lights in all offices and covered parking areas, we reduce our dependence on non-renewable sources like coal. This not only reduces our carbon footprint but also helps to conserve natural resources.

In addition to our use of renewable energy, we believe that green spaces are an important part of any sustainable business strategy. We’ve incorporated green spaces into our offices to create a relaxing environment for our employees and visitors. These spaces not only contribute to our overall sustainability efforts but also provide a place for people to connect with nature and enjoy the outdoors.

At Rewardsco, we’re committed to sustainability in all aspects of our business, including our outsourcing practices. By incorporating practices like the use of grey water with backup generators and green spaces, we’re making a positive impact on the environment and setting an example for others to follow. We believe that sustainability isn’t just good for the planet – it’s also good for business, and we’re proud to be leading the way in this important area.

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