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Embarking on a New Era of BPO: Vodacom and Rewardsco Forge Ahead

Leading mobile network operator, Vodacom and Rewardsco are once again navigating new waters together. This marks another exciting chapter in our long-standing partnership, which has already spanned two decades.

The new campaign which was two years in the making signifies a renewed commitment to our shared vision of value creation.

At the recent campaign launch event which took place at Rewardsco’s sprawling campus in Umhlanga, Denzil Muthen, Rewardsco’s Head of Customer Operations, said the expectation from Vodacom for Rewardsco was “very different from the Telecommunications Contact Centres as seen today”.


“This environment will be a Centre of Excellence and a blueprint for evolving the way we Service Our Customers.

Significant work has gone on in the background by both the Vodacom and Rewardsco teams, so we’re really proud to stand here today and celebrate the launch of this campaign,” Denzil said.

Since 2003, the Vodacom-Rewardsco collaboration has led to numerous successful campaigns, each underlining our commitment to providing unrivalled customer service and innovative solutions that showcase the power of partnership in the BPO sector.

Vodacom Executive Head of Retentions, Clint Pereira said building on the Rewardsco relationship was the natural choice for the telecoms giant.

“For us, this is a great milestone in our relationship with Rewardsco.  It’s been a long time coming with lots of engagements. Rewardsco has really performed well, they’ve really come together. They are a partner we have come to recognise as a partner we want to continue our journey with and that is where we decided that there were additional opportunities for Rewardsco to embark on,” Pereira said.

By combining resources, expertise, and market understanding, we’ve been able to create outstanding customer experiences, increase market penetration and achieve significant growth.

The BPO sector and the telecommunication industry are natural allies. Both are driven by the need to connect people and enable communication. Our partnership is an example of this synergy at its best.

BPO plays a crucial role in the telecommunication industry. By outsourcing certain non-core functions, telecom companies like Vodacom can focus on their core competencies, while Rewardsco’s expertise in sales outsourcing has allowed both organisations to leverage each other’s strengths, leading to both growth and success.

Rewardsco and Vodacom are geared toward making this new campaign a game-changer in the industry and it further illustrates how both parties are committed to pushing boundaries, innovating, and setting new standards in the BPO and telecommunications sectors.

For Pereira knowing that both Rewardsco and Vodacom have a proven track record of innovative thinking, this new journey is set to uphold this tradition.


“Our expectations from Rewardsco are; keep doing what you’ve been doing, keep serving our customers, keep ensuring that you have the best consultants within the team, keep ensuring that not only the Rewardsco culture comes through but that the Vodacom culture as well and keep ensuring that your performance speaks volumes.  Because if you perform, if you have the right culture, if you have the right attitude, and we know Vodacom has the right partner, our relationship will just continue to grow from strength to strength.”

Watch our video below to catch some of the behind-the-scenes action from this milestone event.

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