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“When you put the right people in the right place, magic happens.”
- Sven Steenfeldt-Kristensen

Since the 90s, we’ve nurtured a community that is aligned to your business’s needs.

But a community without support cannot succeed.

This is why our $40 million, AAA Green Star-rated campus was founded.

Located on the East Coast of South Africa, our facilities are designed to aid our people and built to increase customers’ opportunities.

Housing cloud and on-premise data storage, all three buildings have linked operations with full Disaster Recovery capabilities, which means your business is never offline.

Our facilities not only meet environmental and sustainability standards through our use of solar power and grey water, but each building is also fitted with a generator and UPS to further ensure business continuity.

We’ve raised the bar on employee experience by providing staff with access to restaurants, cafes, outdoor break spots and a dedicated, free medical facility.

We are also strategically situated near key transport hubs, making sure our staff have shorter commute times.

Our Facilities

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Business Continuity
Triple-A Green Rating
Hybrid Solar Power
Generator and UPS Systems
Grey Water Usage


Why Rewardsco?

Our Story

When Rewardsco began operating, we had three employees and one goal – serve customers, differently.
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Real Connections, Real Results. You can't code heart. At Rewardsco, we're all about the human touch.
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Meet the Minds Forging Lifetime Value. Backed by Directors who lead with expertise, we're here to improve your businesses, together.
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