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Give Your Business A South African Edge

Picking the right global BPO partner for your business is critical. You’re not only choosing a BPO company, you’re safeguarding your reputation.

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South Africa has emerged as a leading, trustworthy contender in the BPO landscape, outperforming former leaders India and the Philippines. As one of the top economies on the continent, it’s easy to see why.

A Telecoms Giant

The most advanced telecommunications infrastructure on the African continent.

The country has a highly developed system for communication with 99.9% being completely digital. This includes everything from traditional landlines to wireless and satellite communication.

Beyond Broadband

"South Africa has set ambitious goals through its broadband policy." South Africa Connect

By 2030, the country will have created a society rich in information with a strong knowledge-based economy. Our targets will ensure that everyone in the country has access to the internet at a speed of 10 megabits per second (Mbps) and 80% of the population will have access at speeds of 100 Mbps.

Global Connectivity

South Africa is well-connected to the world through undersea cables. 

These increase the capacity of the internet and allow for high-speed and reliable communication, making it the ideal setting for BPO evolution. 

BPO Epicentre

South Africa's solid infrastructure, combined with decreasing telecommunication costs, make it a central location for global BPO operations. 

Many businesses are choosing to partner with South African BPOs for growth opportunities. But, for those who want the competitive edge, Rewardsco's home province KwaZulu-Natal is the prime location.

With a GDP of US $49 billion, the KwaZulu-Natal province is not only economically mature and breath-takingly beautiful, it’s also well-prepared for global growth.

Advanced Technologies

KwaZulu-Natal is also at the forefront of adopting cutting-edge technologies in the BPO sector, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotic process automation. 

The province is primed to offer a variety of customer service channels to improve your overall customer experience.

How We Do It:

At Rewardsco, we’ve chosen to harness the power of this province to benefit our partners.  

Hire Local

KwaZulu-Natal boasts a young, diverse and highly skilled workforce fluent in English and equipped with the expertise needed to deliver world-class BPO services. The province has initiated various skills and training programmes, including agent-to-agent coaching, digital skills training and leadership coaching to enhance the skills of the 3.5 million youths aged 18-35.


Thanks to KwaZulu-Natal’s competitive pricing, lower cost of living and South Africa’s favourable exchange rates, partnering with us ensures that you get maximum value for your investment without compromising on quality or your customers’ fulfilment.

Time Zone Advantage

Our time zone aligns with major global markets, allowing for seamless communication and efficient project management. 

Data Security

KwaZulu-Natal is also home to cutting-edge technology. The province offers a range of front office BPO capabilities, next-gen digital contact centre expertise and business process services with a focus on various vertical industries. We leverage the latest technology and innovative solutions to ensure the security of your sensitive data, maintain strict compliance with international data protection standards, optimise your business processes, enhance productivity and drive business growth. 

South Africa
Gets You

Located at the tip of South Africa, Durban is booming with new BPO possibilty.

The KwaZulu-Natal province offers both beauty and cost-effectiveness, making it the top choice for your business with its strong support for investors, talent and technology.
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South African Advantages

Neutral Accents
Ideal Time Zone
Cultural Alignment
Large Talent Pool
Advanced Infrastructure
Cost-Effective Rates
World-Class Connectivity
Focused on Impact Sourcing

KwaZulu-Natal Advantages

Commercial Hub
Diverse, Young Population
Major Transport Routes
Coastal Port City
Contributed 48% of all BPO Jobs in SA (2022)

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