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Leading BFSI
Leading the charge in Banking, Financial Services and Insurance transformation in a rapidly evolving industry.
In the face of unprecedented disruptions and increasing customer expectations, companies in the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance sector need a partner who can navigate the complexities with agility and expertise.

Industry Insights

Your Trusted BFSI Partner

Our deep understanding of what makes your industry unique allows us to navigate these complexities with agility and expertise so you’re always ahead of the pack.

Embracing Technology

By harnessing the power of technology, we create sustainable business models and robust risk management strategies allowing you to stay focused on your core functions while we handle the evolving risk factors and operational competencies.

Tailored Solutions for Your Success

Our digital and voice solutions are tailored for your business, offering a hyper-personalised touch to enhance your customer interactions.

Our Strategy

Our Four-Pronged Strategy to Success ensures both you and your customer benefit every step of the way.


We Find the right customers for your business. 
We don't cast a wide net; we use Lead Generation and Data Selection to target individuals who are most likely to benefit from your products and services. Our data-driven approach ensures that every lead is a potential long-term customer, increasing your chances of success.


Winning customers is not just about closing a deal; it's about creating lasting relationships.
Our team of dedicated professionals know how to Win customers over from the very first interaction. We pride ourselves on understanding your customers' needs, addressing their pain points, matching the right product mix to the right customer and delivering solutions that exceed their expectations.


We don’t just find new customers, we’re here to GROW your revenue by deepening your relationship with your existing customers.
Our Cross-Sell and Upsell processes, coupled with our customer experience expertise allows us to identify opportunities to expand your offerings to loyal customers and keep them primed and ready for more.


Customer loyalty is the lifeblood of any successful business.
Our Retention strategies focus on nurturing and maintaining the trust and loyalty of your existing customer base. We employ proven churn, retention and win-back techniques to keep your customers happy, guaranteeing a lasting customer base who become your brand’s greatest assets.

Frequently Asked

  • Why Outsource with Rewardsco? 

    Rewardsco has a proven track record as a BPO partner for insurance companies, ensuring better customer experience, as well as improved customer retention and increased bottom-line revenue.

  • How is Rewardsco different from other BPOs catering to the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance sectors? 

    We use the latest technological advancements, including cloud-based architecture and AI-empowered automation to create sustainable, bespoke integration offerings.  

  • How does Rewardsco ensure data security?

    Our Stringent Data Protection, Regulatory and Quality Requirements adhere to international standards and regulations, safeguarding your data and ensuring quality at every touchpoint.

  • What type of insurance services can be outsourced?

    A wide array of insurance-related services can be outsourced including sales acquisition, policy management, asset management, investment research, insurance brokerage support and customer care.

  • What are the benefits of outsourcing insurance services?

    Outsourcing insurance services can lead to better customer experience, higher customer engagement, lower claim processing expenses and stronger relationships with policyholders.

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“Rewardsco is setting a really great example for all centres! Please continue to cherish and celebrate these intentional customer experience improvement behaviors.”



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“Right from the start, our partnership has been smooth and stable and we regard Rewardsco as our strategic partner. I feel like we need to improve ourselves to match such a high-quality and honourable partner! The Rewardsco team is professional, the communication is efficient and the reactions are quick.”



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“Rewardsco is more than just an outsource partner – they understand the bigger picture of where we want to be. They’ve set the bar. Everything they do compared to other partners stands out head and shoulders above the rest.”



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