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Case Study // Vodacom Retentions

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Vodacom, a leading telecommunications company in South Africa, sought to diversify their partner ecosystem to improve their customer retention rates while maintaining exceptional customer experience. The aim of the partnership was to optimise retention interactions, improve customer service metrics and increase revenue. 


When Vodacom partnered with us, the telecommunications leader already had two local BPOs servicing their retention business lines. These BPOs, backed by years of trading IP, were then put to the test alongside us in a champion challenger model. Vodacom’s aim was to see how the three challengers would out-perform the other providers on all KPI metrics to win the majority share of this significant portfolio.

Implementation of this campaign took place in July 2020, at the height of the COVID 19 pandemic. The champion challenger model saw the call share split three ways, with Partner 1 receiving 50% of the call share, Partner 2 holding 40% and the remaining 10% falling under our care.


In response to this challenge, we designed a scalable operating model that could deliver on the macro indicators informing the success of the campaign. We offered a solution that was founded on best practice and a deep understanding of customer pain points. Our approach involved crafting compelling value propositions, impeccable deal execution and delivering superior customer service experiences. This coupled with our passionate staff, became Vodacom’s recipe for success.

Our Partner’s Success in Numbers

Conversion Rate:
  • Starting Position: 60%
  • Current: 71%
  • Rank: #1
Service Level (SL):
  • Starting Position: 83%
  • Current: 86%
  • Rank: #1
Number of Partners:
  • Initially 3, now 2 with a 50/50 split


We defined our success as holding majority call share with optimal operating revenue.

As the campaign progressed, we consistently outperformed our competitors, earning us the majority share in call volume.

In 2021, Vodacom decided to swop out the lowest performing competitor with an incumbent, keeping the champion challenger model to three partners. During this time, we remained consistent in our performance delivery and in 2022 due to our superior results, the third BPO was dropped entirely, leaving only us and the one other competitor managing the full call share quota. Throughout this period Rewardsco remained the number one partner on all KPIs.

Today, thanks to the Rewardsco team’s unwavering commitment to exceeding customer expectations and driving success in retention campaigns, this operation continues to grow from strength to strength. It’s a testament to our ability to not only meet but consistently surpass industry standards, setting us apart as the trusted partner for Vodacom's critical retentions initiatives.

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“Rewardsco is setting a really great example for all centres! Please continue to cherish and celebrate these intentional customer experience improvement behaviors.”



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“Right from the start, our partnership has been smooth and stable and we regard Rewardsco as our strategic partner. I feel like we need to improve ourselves to match such a high-quality and honourable partner! The Rewardsco team is professional, the communication is efficient and the reactions are quick.”



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“Rewardsco is more than just an outsource partner – they understand the bigger picture of where we want to be. They’ve set the bar. Everything they do compared to other partners stands out head and shoulders above the rest.”



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