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Case Study: MTN Online New Lines

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MTN is a leading telecommunications stakeholder across Africa. Our collaborative journey with MTN Online began in 2018. The partnership aimed to transform MTN's online platform,, into a dynamic lead generation engine. We stepped in as the sales arm of this engine, entrusted with the task of not only acquiring customers generated through the platform, but also developing an effective lead generation strategy, culminating in the project. Beyond being a sales channel, we became a strategic partner, co-creating customer journeys, refining lead generation and ensuring seamless customer experiences.


MTN Online faced the challenge of efficiently converting online leads into activated customers. They required a partner who could not only bring in customers but also enhance the customer journey, address fraud concerns, streamline post-sale processes and provide exceptional customer care throughout. 


In response to MTN's challenge, we devised a multifaceted solution:

Lead Generation (FIND):

  • We collaborated to develop lead generation strategies.
  • We integrated lead-to-sales processes, including credit vetting, dialler integration and customer outreach.
  • We implemented a customer profiling system to segment leads and optimise the vetting process.
  • To protect the integrity of the sales channel, we instituted fraud mitigation measures.

Sales Acquisition (WIN):

  • By enhancing the supply chain integration, we ensured a smoother post-sale experience.
  • The overall customer experience was drastically improved through the implementation of key methodologies and operational integrations focused on reducing time to touch.
  • Ongoing sales operation iterations then turned into increased sales and customer loyalty.

Customer Care (RETAIN):

  • The volume of customers that were being acquired through the online channel needed integrated post-sales services which developed alongside the frontline sales operation.
  • Integration into customer journeys and partner processes allowed for improved customer experience and higher success rates.
  • Ongoing collaboration with MTN allowed this channel to grow sustainably and build up a large customer base for MTN.
  • The next step was to manage proactive retention strategies to maximise lifetime value. We collaborated with MTN to create strategies that maintained the quality of service post-acquisition.

Our Partner’s Success in Numbers

Year of Inception (2018) - Year 1 Activations:
  • 18,000 activations
Current Activations (2023):
  • 75,000 activations (projected to exceed 100,000 for the year)


Our collaboration with MTN Online New Lines has not only driven substantial growth but also optimised the customer journey, resulting in enhanced customer experiences and operational efficiency.

The campaign is currently producing around 11,000 new customer lines per month, with an average subscription value for R400.

This business line is a clear example of Rewardsco’s ability to evolve from a sales channel into a strategic partner, successfully aligning our goals with MTN's vision for growth and customer excellence.

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“Rewardsco is setting a really great example for all centres! Please continue to cherish and celebrate these intentional customer experience improvement behaviors.”



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“Right from the start, our partnership has been smooth and stable and we regard Rewardsco as our strategic partner. I feel like we need to improve ourselves to match such a high-quality and honourable partner! The Rewardsco team is professional, the communication is efficient and the reactions are quick.”



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“Rewardsco is more than just an outsource partner – they understand the bigger picture of where we want to be. They’ve set the bar. Everything they do compared to other partners stands out head and shoulders above the rest.”



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