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Invoice and Collections Process - BPO Services - Rewardsco

Advanced Invoicing and Collections Made Simple
Invoicing and Collections services designed to help your business thrive.  


Our process helps you remain financially secure and keep your customers smiling.

Enhanced Cash Flow

Faster invoice processing and collections to optimise your cash flow.

Customer Relationship Management

Collections are handled with empathy and professionalism, prioritising your customer.

Data Security

With ISO 27001 compliance, your sensitive financial data is in safe hands.


Save on operational costs with our efficient and streamlined processes.

Expertise at Work

Gain from global invoicing and collections best practices.

Scalable Solutions

Whether you're a startup or an established enterprise, our solutions are made to fit your business size and needs.

How It Works


We begin by understanding your business model, invoicing needs and current collection challenges.


Our team integrates with your existing systems, ensuring a seamless transition.

Debt Collection

Using ethical and effective strategies for debt recovery, including skip tracing and litigation services, we’re able to service you without breaking your customers’ trust.

Invoice Processing

With the help of advanced software, we ensure timely and accurate invoicing.


We give you insights into your financial health through regular updates and reports on invoicing and collection metrics.

Continuous Improvement

By constantly refining our strategies based on your feedback and changing business needs, we keep you at the top of your game.

Frequently Asked

  • What differentiates Rewardsco's invoicing and collections service?

    Our focus on maintaining customer relationships while ensuring effective collections sets us apart.

  • How do you ensure data security?

    We are ISO 27001 compliant and adhere to strict data privacy protocols.

  • Do you handle international collections?

    Yes, we offer services tailored to both local and international clients.

  • What industries do you serve?

    We cater to a diverse range of sectors, including retail, healthcare, telecommunications and more.

  • How do you deal with difficult debtors?

    Our team is trained to handle challenging situations with empathy and professionalism, employing tactics like skip tracing when necessary.

  • Can you integrate with our existing invoicing software?

    Absolutely! Our team can seamlessly integrate with most popular invoicing platforms.

  • What is your success rate in debt collection?

    While success rates can vary, our strategies and expertise ensure above-industry-average results.

  • How do you handle disputes?

    We have a systematic approach to handling disputes, ensuring clarity and resolution in the best interest of all parties involved.

  • Do you offer services for small businesses?

    Yes, our solutions are scalable and cater to businesses of all sizes.

  • How can I get started with Rewardsco's invoicing and collections service?

    Contact us today and our team will guide you through the onboarding process.

Let us help you Streamline Your Invoicing and Collections today.

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