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Prioritising Employee Wellness: Durban BPO Introduces In-House Dis-Chem

Durban, South Africa – 3 June 2024 – Leading the way in corporate wellness, Durban-based Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company, Rewardsco, has become the first corporate in KwaZulu-Natal and the second in South Africa, to offer an in-house Dis-Chem pharmacy exclusively for its employees.

This innovative initiative, in collaboration with Kaelo Health Insurance, is a step toward Rewardsco’s commitment to cultivating a comprehensive 360-degree approach to employee wellness, covering mental, financial, and physical health.

Rewardsco’s partnership with Kaelo Health Insurance brings a full spectrum of healthcare services directly to its employees, right where they work.

This includes the establishment of an in-house Dis-Chem clinic, which offers a variety of health benefits.

Rewardsco Managing Director, Trevor Koen, said the implementation of this system was the company’s way of making affordable healthcare readily available to the masses.

“Right now not everyone in this country has access to decent medical care. So we want to be sure that the people who work for us and their families are ethically taken care of under a quality health care scheme,” Koen said.

Comprehensive In-House Services

The in-house Dis-Chem clinic, is staffed by a qualified Pharmacist Assistant and provides a range of services designed to keep employees healthy and productive. Key features of the clinic include:

Onsite Retail Space: Supplying a selection of health-related products, such as healthy snacks, vitamins, immune boosters, flu shots and basic over-the-counter (schedule 0) medications.

Onsite Nurse: Providing immediate healthcare support, assisting with medical consultations, health check-ups, and administering treatments and medications as needed.

Prescription Service: Facilitating the collection, dispensing, and delivery of schedule 1-5 medicines, including acute and chronic prescriptions, directly to the Dis-Chem clinic.

Virtual Consultations: Accessing virtual GP consultations and medication delivery through a script.

Exclusive Rewards

Employees at Rewardsco also enjoy the perks of the “extra by Dis-Chem” rewards programme, which provides an instant 20% discount on over 2,500 products.

Official Launch and Availability

The in-house Dis-Chem clinic officially went live on June 1, marking a significant milestone in corporate wellness initiatives in South Africa. With services now fully operational, Rewardsco employees have direct and convenient access to essential health services and products, fostering a healthier, more productive work environment.

Dwane Farquharson, Rewardsco’s Chief Operating Officer said having a centre such as this within the business goes a long way toward helping staff live a more balanced life.

“Our people are often sole bread winners and mothers caring for families. Having essential care products close to work with competitive pricing reduces the need for them to make separate transport arrangements to visit retail outlets and gives them some time back to spend with the people who matter to them instead. So it’s extremely exciting for us to provide real value and are not just have benefits on a piece of paper.”

About Rewardsco

Rewardsco is a leading outsourcing specialist in South Africa, renowned for its innovative approach to employee wellness and comprehensive benefits packages. By prioritising the health and well-being of its workforce, Rewardsco continues to set the benchmark for corporate wellness programmes.

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