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Rewardsco Launches New Onsite Staff Clinic in 2023

Access to quality medical healthcare for employees has become paramount in recent years to ensure a healthy, productive workforce. The toll the COVID pandemic took on employees across all sectors has led larger organisations to look for more innovative ways to take care of their staff.

For Rewardsco, this meant the launch of a new, fully equipped on-site staff clinic.
“Our goal is to make sure our employees have access to the best possible care, while minimising out-of-pocket expenses associated with their health care needs. We not only want to recruit top talent but retain them, and this is one of the ways we are doing it. If you look after your people, it goes a long way in creating a relationship that is built on care and mutual respect,” said Dylan Koen, Rewardsco Group Commercial Director.

Retaining top talent requires providing attractive medical healthcare benefits that can help foster trust between the employer and employee while also providing a sense of financial security and peace of mind for staff.

Providing quality medical healthcare benefits for our employees is essential not only to reward them for their hard work but to also ensure their wellbeing so that each team member can reach their full potential regardless of what life may throw at them. It is because of this commitment that Rewardsco has made the health and wellbeing of staff a priority in 2023.

The opening of a third building on the Rewardsco campus in Umhlanga provided the chance to offer a wider range of services to staff, including a convenient in-house clinic with a fulltime doctor, sick bay and fully operational dispensary.  The clinic is operational daily during office hours and is free to all staff.

This new step in employee wellness has been welcomed by Rewardsco staff.

“To me this means I can still make it to work knowing my health is in good hands and the company I consider my family is indeed family, because they care about my wellbeing,” said Sales Support Consultant, Terry Nkabinde said.

Staff who are not on their own medical aid are automatically added to Rewardsco’s Health Insurance, which grants them access to the Discovery network if further medical assistance is required.

Rewardsco’s new facilities, combined with the optional Health Insurance offered to every employee, will promote overall wellbeing through preventive care initiatives such as immunisations, family planning and more.

“We know that taking a day off to see a doctor if you fall sick at work is not ideal. The additional transport costs involved can also become a burden. We looked at that and saw a gap where we could fit in and help ease the stress on our people. We want to allow staff to prioritise their health and ultimately help them save money in the long run while creating a healthier work environment for everyone involved,” Koen added.

Providing great healthcare benefits is one of the most important investments companies can make in their employees – especially during times when people feel uncertain about what lies ahead. Thanks to modern in-house solutions, Rewardsco is leading the pack in providing care and peace of mind to their people every day.


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