Heritage Month at Rewardsco

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At a time when South African employees often don’t feel represented, celebrated and like they count, it was time to celebrate Heritage Month a little differently this year. As a proudly South Africa business, Rewardsco wanted to have a voice in celebrating Heritage Month without having that voice lost in the typical corporate communications clutter that surrounds this festive time.

Many corporate communications on Heritage Day feel generic and aren’t trusted by South Africans. The result is South African society still struggling to overcome its differences and unite as one. However, we believe that together we can go further – not by overcoming our differences, but by embracing them.

For Rewardsco, that meant openly recognising the stories of our people, to show that we can live in a world where they can be who they are meant to be, not who they are told to be.

We wanted to show that the Rewardsco culture is truly different. That our company is for everyone and that each person’s uniqueness is their power.  This people-centric approach to our culture strategy ensures that our people believe that they have a place in the Rewardsco future and that they count as individuals, helping to strengthen the belief in our culture and position as a proudly South African partner and employer of choice.

At Rewardsco (and in South Africa), it’s not about changing and overcoming our differences, it is about embracing them. And what makes us truly unique is the rich and diverse heritage of our people. It’s embracing our differences to build a better future.

Our Marketing team conceptualised and produced a social media video series to showcase our people as the face of our brand, sharing what makes them unique and how their uniqueness is celebrated every day at Rewardsco.

Below is a recap of the emotions we tapped into this Heritage Month.


Production Credits: 
Creative Director  – Enrico Pillay
Copywriter / Interviewer – Santham Pillay
Videographer – Jarred Mann
Strategist – Michael Griffiths 
Brand Manager – Kavesan Pillay

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