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Why is Ethics so Important in the BPO Industry?

Ethics in the business world is an imperative factor in validating the trustworthiness of your brand.

Fathima Dildar, Rewardsco’s Executive Director – Group Corporate Governance and Company Secretary, lives by the ethos, “It takes an entire lifetime to create a reputation. It takes one second to lose it”.

“If you are ethical 100% of the time, then you are consistent in your approach and you will be true and honest in terms of who you are as well as what you put into the business,” Dildar said.

As the head of Corporate Governance within Rewardsco, Dildar stands firmly behind the principle that ethics are the main guiding values of any business.

Ethics determine the way people within a company behave and promote transparency and trustworthiness in the marketplace. When your company is ethically sound, it helps customers and partners feel more connected, making them more likely to form lasting relationships with your brand.

“In this sector, we build on a heritage that already exists. As a BPO, when you are entrusted with delivering the legacy of another company, it comes with even greater responsibility. You aren’t only answerable to yourself and your people, you become accountable to everyone. From the cleaner to the CEO to their customer. Therefore, it is vital that we always hold ourselves to the highest possible standards.” This is one of the main reasons she is proud to be part of Rewardsco’s leadership, said Dildar.

“Rewardsco has a foundational culture of being professional and ethical in our actions at all times because we understand that people trust the integrity that you stand behind. Ethical behaviour is essential for businesses to build a good reputation, attract customers, and maintain customer loyalty,” Dildar added.

Unethical practices can have dire consequences for businesses. If a company’s ethics are in question, customers can easily take their business elsewhere. There are also legal repercussions that can result in costly fines and damage to a company’s hard-won reputation.

When founded on positive beliefs such as integrity, trust and transparency, ethical business practices also serve the people within the company. Treating employees with respect and dignity leads to better staff morale and productivity, and imperatively creates growth, loyalty and purpose within individuals.

This year, Rewardsco celebrates its 27th anniversary. For Dildar, one thing is certain – the values set in the foundational phase of the business back in 1996 remain alive within the company today. She attributes the longevity of these values to the people of Rewardsco.

“It is an easy synergy between your personal beliefs and values and the value that Rewardsco stands for. Ethical behaviour, if it is consistent with every single person, keeps all our opportunities alive,” said Dildar.

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