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The Power of Women in Leadership: A Catalyst for Success

Tennis great, Arthur Ashe once said; “Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.”

This simple yet powerful statement is the basis for how I choose to lead.

When I was appointed as a Director at Rewardsco, I was one of the first women in KZN to hold this position in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry. Four years later, it is becoming the norm to see women in similar leadership roles as mine.

This is a step in the right direction because the BPO sector is a dynamic one, brimming with innovation and evolution. It’s the ideal environment for women to introduce their brand of leadership.

As Women’s Month comes to a close, I want to honour my fellow women in BPO leadership roles. Fearless women who are driving their companies to new heights of success.


Empowering and Engaging the Workforce

Throughout my career, as a teacher, a lawyer and now, as one of the Directors of a global BPO, I’ve discovered what my influence can bring out in the people I work with. Each person has an intrinsic motivation to want to improve themselves. My aim, as a leader, is to use the tools I have to influence them by opening their minds up to the choices they have ahead of them. Women in the BPO industry have been instrumental in doing just this for years. Empowering and engaging their teams.

As women, our leadership is often characterised by empathy, emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills. This makes us particularly effective at understanding the needs, aspirations and, perhaps more importantly, the potential of our workforce.


Beyond Gender: A Call for Inclusivity

The words diversity and inclusion are thrown around so frequently that they have become buzzwords in business and industry. However, this does not change how integral these two factors are to a successful business. The BPO industry is no exception.

While women leaders are a driving force in the BPO sector’s evolution, it’s essential to recognise that their impact extends beyond gender. Inclusivity, as emphasised by these leaders, encompasses a diverse range of backgrounds, experiences and perspectives. This broader approach to inclusivity ensures that the sector benefits from a wealth of insights and ideas that propel it forward.


Driving Innovation and Adaptability

My role at Rewardsco has shown me how female leaders, with their inherent qualities of adaptability and resilience, are well-equipped to drive innovation in what is a very challenging industry. We bring fresh perspectives, encourage creative problem-solving and we aren’t afraid to take calculated risks. This is something that makes us invaluable when it comes to navigating the complexities of the BPO industry.


Mentoring and Nurturing Talent

As a woman in a leadership position within the BPO industry, I am aware of the responsibility I hold. This is why I am drawn to working with upcoming talent. It’s something I know other female leaders in this sector are equally passionate about.

We are lucky to have female leaders who continue to invest time and resources in identifying potential, providing constructive feedback and helping their team members grow professionally and personally.

We need to create our own women empowerment forums and networking sessions so that we remove the biases and prejudices that still exist today, because this is something that is found in every industry. This can help us foster a culture of learning and development in the industry and build a strong talent pipeline of people who feel valued and seen.

The rise of women in BPO leadership has ushered in a new era of success. These leaders are vital to the growth of our companies, so let us acknowledge and appreciate the invaluable contributions of the dynamic leaders who continue to serve as the blueprint for future generations of women.

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