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The Force is Female at Rewardsco

The corporate sector has long been a male-dominated environment. However, in recent years, an increasing number of women have been making inroads into the corporate world and smashing the proverbial glass ceilings on their way to top positions. Rewardsco is proud to be leading the charge when it comes to hiring and promoting more women in the workplace, especially in leadership positions. In fact, over 70% of our employees are female!

Based on considerable research as well as our own experience through the years, there are many reasons why organizations should encourage the participation of women in the workplace. Research has shown that companies with a higher proportion of women on their staff tend to be more profitable than those with fewer women. Generally, women bring a different perspective to the workplace and are more likely to collaborate effectively with their colleagues.

“Today, women have the opportunity to not only thrive in their industry but to disrupt and drive significant change,” says Business Consultant Tara Paige du Toit. “Women possess a sense of empathy that allows us to relate to people on a deep and meaningful level. We can leverage these skills to understand the evolving customer landscape and build solutions to meet their ever-changing needs. To be a woman in this day and age means endless opportunities for those who seek them.”

In addition, studies have also shown that organizations with gender-diverse teams are more innovative and creative as different genders tend to think about problems in different ways and can offer unique solutions. Organizations should encourage more women to enter the workplace in order to reap these benefits.

Unfortunately, the corporate sector is not the only area where women have been historically underrepresented. Females have been traditionally underrepresented in most sectors of the economy, so organizations can help to close the overall gender gap by encouraging more women to enter the corporate sector. The glass ceiling is still very much in place in many companies, and women are often paid less than their male counterparts, which must change if we want to see real progress being made. About being a leader in the corporate world, our Group Head of Marketing, Kirsty Fonzari, says, “I have learnt to embrace who I am unashamedly as a woman in business. To smash glass ceilings is a choice and I have always felt empowered to go after my goals.  As a woman in business I have the honour of leading and empowering other women to do their absolute best and that makes my soul sing; it is my purpose.”

There are many approaches we take to empower women at Rewardsco. One of the most important is providing them with the same opportunities as men. This includes access to expert training and development, as well as senior positions. “The progress women have made in creating a more balanced world over the last decade is no small feat. Being a female in leadership, I have experienced many challenges that men will never face, including an increased responsibility to drive change for the women around me,” reflects Claudia Bostock, Mondo’s Head of Digital. “Actively celebrate your womanhood to unlock the plethora of opportunity that is available to men.”

Of course, it’s crucial to create a culture in the workplace that supports and values women. This means having zero tolerance for sexism or any other form of discrimination. All company employees work together to make sure that every woman feels safe and respected in their workplace.

“Women have made important strides in business, showing that their voice matters,” states Ana Basch, Specialist Project Manager at Rewardsco. “Empowering women to succeed means giving them space to take bold steps and encouraging them to speak their minds. Companies need to recognise women’s successes in business as much as they do their male counterparts.”

The corporate sector has come a long way in recent years, but there is still more work to be done to see true equality in the workplace across South Africa. We are committed to empowering women so that they can reach their full potential at Rewardsco.

“A woman is the pearl; the world is her oyster!” says Fathima Dildar, Director – Group Corporate Governance. “My advice is for all women to stop judging and holding themselves accountable according to society’s standards but to go forth and conquer in their own individual capacity. They are capable of being anything they wish to be.”



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