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Rewardsco’s Culture Committee: Amplifying Voices, Fostering Change!

Businesses are increasingly recognising the importance of fostering a positive and inclusive company culture, especially after the global upheaval over the past three years turned the world of work on its head. A strong company culture, when adopted at all levels of a business, not only attracts and retains top talent but also plays a crucial role in boosting staff morale and driving overall business success. At Rewardsco, we are proud to have taken this concept to the next level by establishing our first Culture Committee.

“This committee is one of the first of its kind in the South African BPO industry and, being made up of members from every level of the business, it truly embodies our spirit of inclusivity”, said Kirsty Fonzari, Group Head of Marketing at Rewardsco.

The Role of a Culture Committee

The Culture Committee acts as a driving force behind our culture, ensuring that our people feel heard, valued and engaged. It is made up of a dedicated group of people from across different departments, representing a wide range of voices, perspectives and experiences.

Our culture committee members collect and present feedback from their respective teams and colleagues for discussion, provide input on company incentives, events and projects, brainstorm ideas to improve the company culture, as well as collaborate to address concerns and find solutions to staff problems that may affect morale and retention. One of our valued members, Njabulo Gumede, commented that he “feels like someone who is really changing people’s lives” by being a part of the committee.

The Importance of Executive Support

Executive support is crucial for the success of a culture committee, and we’re thankful that our leaders at Rewardsco understand and recognise the importance of listening to employee feedback, both positive and negative, as well as working collaboratively to implement changes that address staff concerns, providing support for committee initiatives and backing up their promises with action instead of just words. Another committee member, Shakera Singh, commented: “It’s good to know that the company has dedicated time for such a committee”.

Driving Employee Engagement and Satisfaction

Our culture committee is playing a pivotal role in driving employee engagement and satisfaction at Rewardsco. By actively involving employees in shaping our culture, the committee creates a sense of ownership and belonging, which motivates our people to do their best work.

One of the key ways in which our committee drives employee engagement is through on-site activations, incentives and special events. These provide an opportunity for our people to connect with one another, build relationships, gain knowledge and life skills, as well as strengthen their sense of community within Rewardsco.

Giving a Voice to BPO Employees

BPO employees often work in fast-paced and demanding environments, dealing with high volumes of customer interactions, so the culture committee ensures that their voices are heard, and their specific needs are addressed.

“Hearing insights and sharing thoughts and ideas from employees has really changed my views, and the fact that we are already making an impact in the few months since we started this committee feels really good”, said Shakera Singh.

The committee actively seeks feedback from our people through regular surveys and suggestion portals, both digital and physical, and then works closely with the leadership teams to implement changes that enhance their work experience, increase satisfaction and boost retention. This may include initiatives such as providing additional training and resources, creating more opportunities for career growth or creating additional value for employees, such as hosting regular health and wellness talks or providing on-site medical care, which have already become part of Rewardsco’s offerings.

Revolutionising Culture Through Collaboration

“It is remarkable how much positive change can come when you amplify the voices, ideas and experiences of your valued people. Because we believe that every perspective adds value to our collective journey, the impact on our people has been truly inspiring”, said Kirsty Fonzari.

By creating a platform for employee voices to be heard and actively involving employees in shaping our culture, the committee fosters a sense of ownership and belonging. This leads to higher employee retention, improved morale, better job satisfaction and, ultimately, a more successful organisation.

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