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Rewardsco Launches Innovative Gamified Training Platform

Rewardsco is levelling up with its new gamified learning platform that will soon be upskilling employees and improving customer experiences in the BPO sector – in real time.

The Rewardsco Learning platform combines education with game-like features such as competitions, rewards and progress tracking.

Turning educational tasks into interactive experiences helps learners retain information more effectively.

By incorporating this system into the Rewardsco training platform, the business aims to make learning more enjoyable and beneficial for staff, leading to improved customer and employee satisfaction.


Lead Instructional Designer Nicholas Sivalingum, who spearheaded the Rewardsco Learning initiative, said age was a massive factor in taking the gamification route.

“We have a youthful group of consultants here who grew up with a gaming mindset. They were exposed to gaming arcades, PlayStation and Xbox at an early age, and relating to that means the learning will be easier and fun. Gamified learning, the way we’re doing it, is more than just leader-boards and badges. It’s immersive learning where you actually have somebody problem-solving on the go to reach different levels and upskill themselves. People want to have fun when they learn so they don’t feel like it’s a burden,” said Sivalingum.

By seamlessly blending gameplay elements with industry-specific content and in-person trainers, Rewardsco’s training platform ensures that learners acquire practical skills, hone their decision-making abilities and develop critical thinking in a stimulating environment so they can enhance customer engagements and grow their careers.

Although it’s still in its infancy, the platform has already made a marked difference in the way the organisation both teaches and learns.


Paul Taylor, Head of Learning and Development at Rewardsco, said Rewardsco Learning’s main attraction is that it promotes continuous learning and helps trainers understand the needs of their students.

“Thanks to real-time reporting, we get to hear directly from our consultants. We can tell what they did or didn’t understand, what they would have liked the course to entail and what would have helped them to learn better. This helps us see where we can improve and track how well campaigns are running,” said Sivalingum.

The gamified training platform is flexible and adaptive, allowing learners to access it remotely at their convenience, on any device, to ensure learning is not restricted to work hours.

The platform allows staff to interact with one another, chat with trainers, ask for advice, upskill their sales tactics and even post to social media once they complete a course, creating a vibrant learning community that supports knowledge-sharing and a dynamic ecosystem for professional growth.


Such platforms are not new to the BPO industry in South Africa, but Rewardsco Learning sets itself apart thanks to its customisable foundations.

“Due to its open source architecture, Rewardsco Learning integrates all departments, from Human Resources to Health Facilities, and provides training that is specific to what our consultants need on a daily basis. Our system has been created to answer the specific needs of the BPO sector and the people who serve it. We want our people to remain curious so when we’re asked, ‘How does this platform set us apart?’ the answer is that our people are able to come to a place where learning is easy and fun and access to information that really helps them earn better and do their jobs better is available in just a few clicks.

It’s a simple, easy to navigate way for you to build your company competencies and to build your own brand here at Rewardsco,” said Taylor.


As a strategy for growth, gamification has gained popularity in various industries, including the BPO sector in recent years. The benefits of gamification in the workplace are well-documented. Studies have shown that it can lead to increased employee engagement, improved learning outcomes and enhanced job satisfaction.

A study conducted by the Learning Experience Alliance Hub (lxahub) showed that, by 2025, gamified learning is expected to be valued at $25.7 billion.

The study also showed that 90% of employees in businesses where gamification was used as a learning tool said they felt more productive, while 89% said they were more motivated to complete gamified lessons.

Even more encouraging was that 97% of employees aged 45+ said this form of learning helped them improve the quality of their work.

These benefits have motivated the Training team to push harder and use Rewardsco Learning to create better all-round experiences for consultants using cutting-edge content.


At the core of this innovative platform lies a meticulously crafted curriculum designed to address the unique challenges faced by BPO professionals. In partnership with a respected online educational organisation, content for the platform is curated and updated on a daily basis. In addition, the team has called for assistance from within the business; something Taylor believes is critical for the platform’s success. “There are so many specialist individuals here at Rewardsco. What better way to create content that is specific to the Rewardsco culture, than by leveraging the expertise we have within our business?”

Nkosinathi Shezi, a newly trained consultant, said the system was unlike anything he has come across before. “Everything you need is there. It’s the first time I’ve experienced training like this. I am definitely going to be using this system as I go,” said Shezi.


This continuous 360 experience is what most excites Sivalingum about the new platform.

“What’s great is that it goes beyond just the training phase. Rewardsco Learning is a companion for your entire Rewardsco journey. This platform has opened a world of possibilities for us. We are still learning and growing but our vision is to create something world-class.”



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