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ChatGPT and the Rise of AI

To understand why ChatGPT is such a big deal right now, we first need to understand what Artificial Intelligence (AI) is and the critical role AI plays in our daily lives.

AI has been around for decades. In simple terms, AI is computer software that can perform tasks that typically require human intelligence. It is surprising how many interactions we already have with AI every day. When you open your Facebook or Twitter apps, the AI-curated algorithm provides a news feed that shows you the content most relevant to you. Navigation platforms such as Google Maps or Waze use AI to calculate the best route for you based on current traffic obstacles.

One of the most significant developments in the AI domain has been the emergence of chatbots powered by Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology. Among them is Open AI’s ChatGPT, which stands out as one of the leading language models in the world right now.

ChatGPT understands human requests and generates human-like responses to these questions and topics. We can ask this chatbot complex mathematical or programming questions and in mere seconds have an answer or explanation.

Although this may sound great, the answers we get still need some validation. This is where we turn to our good friend Google – and call upon our common sense.

Yes, AI and Chatbots like ChatGPT are revolutionary, but does this mean these will be taking over your job?

The definitive answer is; not yet.

Let me explain.

Some job roles may become obsolete in the future. It’s part of human evolution. Much like the car replaced the horse and cart and electric cars could soon become the norm on our roads, change is constant.


But what does it mean for you right now?

Firstly, relax. Your job is not at risk!


AI still has a lot to learn. We are still quite far from fully trusting an AI system to run business processes by itself, no matter how intellectually and perceptively they answer our questions.

Although my experience with AI has been awe-inspiring, there have been some instances where I have had to fight back with correct answers. When that occurs, the bot quickly apologises and provides the “correct” response.

Inconsistencies aside, utilising this tool has increased my productivity and reduced my endless scrolling for answers to some of my coding problems.


The rise of AI and chatbots like ChatGPT has significant implications for many industries. For example, the customer service industry can use chatbots to help businesses reduce response times, handle more customer queries, and improve customer satisfaction. They can also reduce the workload for human consultants, allowing them to focus on more complex tasks that require more human engagement.


The key to working with AI is to develop ethical frameworks and regulations around AI-powered chatbots to protect data privacy and ensure that chatbots are used to complement humans rather than replace them.


ChatGPT’s impressive rise to fame has earned the right to be talked about, within this industry and beyond. Some are even comparing this tech to heavy-weights Microsoft and Google. That leads to another question. Can this be the future of search?

A more conversation-like search to find the information you need could reduce scroll time and help users convert faster, but what sort of impact would this have on the paid space in our digital ecosystem?

Only time will tell.


Overall there are pros and cons to ChatGPT, both in the working world and in our daily lives. I believe this isn’t something we can run away from or ignore. We must adopt AI as part of doing business because AI is not the future, it is our now. AI will play a critical role in separating your business from the herd. So my question is; When will you adopt AI and ChatGPT to simplify the way you do business?


P.S. (This piece may have been written by ChatGPT.)


Author Bio:
Teiaren Pillay is Rewardsco’s I.T. Solutions Architect. His role is to turn business requirements into a viable solutions that fit the company’s values, operational processes and ROI.
Connect with Teiaren on LinkedIn for more insights. 

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