What we do

For over 25 years, we’ve harnessed the transformational power of digital technology, infrastructure, talent acquisition and operational efficiency to maximise growth and drive customer value, affinity and retention while delivering exceptional customer experiences for our clients.
We will do the same for you!

Our services

Through our services, we become a strategic extension of your business.

Customer Acquisition

  • Lead Generation & Curation
  • Marketing Data Services
  • Campaign Delivery
  • Sales as a Service
  • Proprietary Consumer Channel

Value Management

  • Customer Value Consulting
  • Product Design & Development
  • Proactive Vetting & Segmentation
  • Omni & Multi-Channel Solution
  • Outcome Focused Innovation

Service Solutions

  • Customer Journey Strategy & Design
  • Flexible & Agile Contact Centres
  • Advanced Collection Services
  • Single View of Customers
  • Talent & Technology Enabled Service

Customer Retention

  • Retention Strategy & Execution
  • Debt Prevention
  • Claims Management
  • Win-Back Programs
  • Churn & Revenue Loss Insights

Resource Management

  • People & Culture Framework
  • Assisted Customer Conversations
  • Multi-Lingual Hubs & Location Strategy

Data & Systems

  • Data Architecture & Insight Services
  • Cloud Services & A.I Analytics
  • Behavioural & Telephony Systems

Regulatory & Quality Control

  • Quality Assurance & Management
  • Fraud Monitoring & Prevention
  • Regulatory Bodies & Affiliation

Our clients

Through our services, we become a strategic extension of your business.

Why South Africa?

South Africa was crowned “Offshoring Destination of The Year” by the Global Sourcing Association in 2016 and 2018, and if that’s not enough to impress you, we were also voted “Most Favoured Global Offshore Customer Experience Delivery Location” in the world.

Located in an ideal time zone (GMT+2), South Africa is well equipped to serve North American, Canadian and Australian markets as we can offer expert solutions during peak or off-peak hours.

Our 13 000 square-metre campus accommodates a workforce of over 1,700 highly skilled, expertly trained consultants who move more than 1.5 million products exceeding $65 million every year for our valued clients.

Our unique offerings

Cost reduction

Thanks to favourable exchange rates and incentives, we are uniquely positioned to offer you expert services, solutions and world-class infrastructure at a lower cost.

Cultural Alignment

South Africa’s dynamic workforce identifies with western culture and norms and combine this with their strong heritage and work ethic to provide you with services that exceed expectations.

Neutral Accents

A large sector of the workforce speaks fluent English in crisp, neutral accents that your customers can relate to with ease, no matter their geographical location.

Complete Transparency

Our open-door policy means that you are always welcome to visit us on-site and see our teams in action, or dial in anytime, from anywhere, to listen to your live campaigns.

Our people

Our Recruitment Department uses leading assessment tools to attract and retain the best talent in South Africa because we believe in a people-centric culture of success.

Rewardsco strives to create a strong sense of community and teamwork to support and drive the business goals of our valued clients and partners.

Although our business is powered by digital technology and infrastructure, we know that it is driven by our people. Every consultant is skilled at creating positive customer experiences that last, which means you not only get a partner but an army of brand ambassadors too.

Our parent company and board of directors

Rewardsco Sales is proudly owned by Rewardsco Investments, which manages a portfolio of industry-leading businesses in the sectors of outsourced sales and distribution, telecommunications, fintech, mobile broadband, and IT.

Our Directors’ combined expertise and leadership empower our people to live and breathe our culture, values and obsessive dedication to transforming businesses.

Executive Chairman

Michael Steenfeldt-Kristensen

Group Managing Director

Trevor Koen

Group Commercial Director

Dylan Koen

Managing Director – Rewardsco Investments

Sven Steenfeldt-Kristensen

Executive Director – Group Corporate Governance

Fathima Dildar

Group Financial Director

Shaun Robert


Rewardsco  Sales is a proud member of Business Process Enabling South Africa (BPESA), which supports and promotes domestic and international contact centre and BPO investments into South Africa.
As a member of SACRRA (South African Credit and Risk Reporting Association), Rewardsco Sales can enhance our data-driven approach to both customer acquisition and retention, thus improving lifetime value for our clients.

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Rewardsco Sales is always on the lookout for driven, hard-working people to join our constantly growing team. View available positions on LinkedIn and the Rewardsco Careers website.